Core Democratic Values Crossword Puzzle
Print this page out and read the definitions below. In the spaces next to the definition, write the world that fits best. Then find where that word fits in the crossword puzzle above. Fill in the missing letters. Terms do not have spaces above (see Pursuit Of Happiness below).

________ A group of people gathered together (8 letters)
_________ Qualities that make up a person (9 letters)
_______ A person who lives in a country (7 letters)
____________ A citizens right to say what they think (12 letters)
__________ A good thing shared equally by all (10 letters)
____________ The document listing the laws of the United States (12 letters)
____ The center, or most important part of anything (4 letters)
_________ A government that is run by the people who live in it (9 letters)
___________ To take part in a public meeting to show feelings about a matter. (11 letters)
_________ Differences or varieties (8 letters)
________ Having the same rights and duties (8 letters)
____ According to the rules (4 letters)
____ A piece of cloth with different colors and designs, used as a symbol of a country (4 letters)
_______ Being able to move or act without being held back (7 letters)
__________ The group of people in charge of managing a country, city, or state (10 letters)
_______ - Truthfulness (7 letters)
_______ Fair or right treatment or action (7 letters)
___ A rule made by a government for all of the people who live there (3 letters)
________ The larger number or part of something (8 letters)
________ The smaller number or part of something (8 letters)
_________ To talk over and arrange the terms of an agreement (9 letters)
______ All of the persons making up a nation (6 letters)
________ A formal request made to a person in authority (8 letters)
______ - A serious promise (6 letters)
_____ Newspapers and the people who write them (5 letters)
_______ Not meant to be shared with others (7 letters)
_______ A series of actions needed to complete something (7 letters)
________ Anything owned by a person or organization (8 letters)
_______ An complaint against something (6 letters)
______ With or for all of the people (6 letters)
PURSUITOFHAPPINESS Looking for contentment or gladness (18 letters)
________ Belief in or worship of God, or gods (8 letters)
________ A government in which the authority belongs to the people (8 letters)
______________ Making sure a job or duty is done (14 letters)
______ A just, moral, or lawful claim (6 letters)
____ Control or government
_________ Respect of customs, ideas, or beliefs of others (9 letters)
______ Something that is true (6 letters)
____ An expression of ones wishes or choices (4 letters)

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