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Core Democratic Values Module
Module Description: Module number GEO1
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Module Description: Module number GEO1
Focus Statement: This Module features newly developed materials intended to teach a set of basic Core Democratic Values to students in grades 3. Lessons contained in this module explain basic human rights under a democratic society, the role of government carrying out its duty, and how citizens make resolve conflict, choices, and suffer consequences. Specific Core Democratic Values covered include free speech, assembly, property, equal protection, petition the government, common good, pursuit of happiness, and majority rule, assembly.

Description of Module Lessons:
This module contains lessons that tell the story of lumbering in Michigan. They are rich in primary resources and provide an opportunity to teach widely across the curriculum.. Green Gold is a fictional story about a boy how stows away on a wagon headed for a lumbering camp. Archived photographs serve as the background visuals as animated figures take action.

Performance Standards as adopted by the Michigan Department of Education
The learner will be able to: identify one or more aspects in life, school and community that illustrate fairness and freedom; interpret the meaning of at least two specific rights and the principles that distinguish those rights, cite relevant instances supporting that interpretation, explain at least two responsibilities of good citizenship with valid support.

Lesson 1 GA Brief History of Lumbering (number GEO-1)
Lesson with Educator Teaching Notes
Student Activity

Lesson 2 Green Gold (number GEO-2)
Lesson with Educator Teaching Notes
Assessment (Tool Activity, Multiple Choice Activity, and Process Timeline Activity)
Cross Curriculum Web
Student Activity

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