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Queen Nefertiti was the wife of the pharaoh Akenaton and was know to be a woman of great beauty. Many of the pictures of Egypt have her picture on them. Her husband had many paintings and sculptures made of her. It is believed that she aften took the king's place as ruler when he was gone.

Besides being a good ruler, Akenaton, is known for trying to change the religion in Egypt. He believed that there was just one god, Aton. Aton was the god of the son, giver of all life. Egyptians worshipped many gods and the priests who managed the temples were very powerful. Akenaton decided to make a new capitol city. He no longer gave money and gifts to the other temples and their priests who worshipped other gods. This made them very angry. He made everyone in Egypt worship just this one god.

After Akenaton died, Egyptians forgot about Aton and went back to their old religion.

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