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 Ramses II                           Lion
Ramses II was very important king. He was Pharaoh from 1279 - 1212 BC. His father was Seti I. When Ramses II was just 25, he became Pharaoh. He was a great warrior. He fought against the Hittites and won. This made his people happy. They did not want a war with other people. Because they did not have wars, Egypt and the people lived very well. They had plenty to eat. They sold their extra food to their neighbors who needed it.

Ramses was a good manager off the land. While he was king, there was a lot of food for everyone. He also had gold mines. The workers got a lot of gold from the mines. This made Egypt very rich.

Ramses liked to make big buildings. Because he lived a long time, he was able to have many temples and sculptures made. He died when he was 92 years old.

Ramses II had 13 sons. Four of his sons became Pharoahs, but each died and Ramses II had to take over until the next son could become king. His 13th son, Merneptah, was pharaoh when Ramses II died. Merneptah made Ramses II proud because he was a man of learning. He restored many of the old and beautiful temples rather than build more.

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