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Ancient Greece timeline
9000 BC    First walled city founded at Jericho.
2000 BC Beginning of Minoan civilization in Crete (to c.1450).
1600 BC   Beginning of Mycenaean civilization in Greece.
1260 BC Archaeological dating of Trojan War.
1100 BC   Phoenicians develop alphabetic script.
850 BC Homer writes Iliad and Odyssey.
814 BC Traditional year of the foundation of Carthage.
776 BC First Olympic Games in Greece.
650 BC   Earliest Latin inscriptions.
621 BC Laws of Draco in Athens.
600 BC Age of Greek lyric poetry.
581 BC First Phythian Games.
550 BC Cyrus the Great begins expansion of Persian Empire.
530 BC Pythagoras founds school in Greece.

Temple of Apollo built at Corinth.

521 BC   Darius the Great divides Persian Empire into strapies.
509 BC Foundation of Roman Republic.
490 BC   Persians defeated by Athenians at Marathon.
480 BC Persians defeat Greeks at Thermopylae.

Greeks destroy Persian fleet at Salamis.

462 BC ParthenonPericles' reforms in Athens.
460 BC Construction of Temple of Zeus at Olympia.
456 BC Death of Aeschylus.
433 BC ParthenonCompletion of Parthenon at Athens.
431 BC   Beginning of Peloponnesian War (until 404).
425 BC Death of Herodotus.
406 BC   ParthenonDeath of Sophocles.
403 BC Overthrow of the Thirty Tyrants in Athens.
377 BC   Death of Hippocrates.
370 BC Plato opens Academy in Athens.
359 BC   Philip of Macedon becomes king of Macedonia.
347 BC ParthenonDeath of Plato.
336 BC Assassination of Philip of Macedon.
329 BC Alexander the Great reaches India.
323 BC Alexander the Great dies.
322 BC ParthenonDeath of Aristotle.
310 BC Epicurus opens school of philosophy at Mitylene.
264 BC First Punic War Begins (to 241).
250 BC Writing of the Septuagint.
218 BC Second Punic War begins (to 201).

Hannibal invades Italy from the north.

212 BC Death of Archimedes.
205 BC Scipio completes conquest of Spain.
146 BC Romans destroy Corinth.
46 BC Adoption of Julian Caesar.
44 BC ParthenonAssassination of Julius Caesar.
43 BC Death of Cicero.
31 BC Beginning of Roman Empire.
30 BC Death of Anthony and Cleopatra.
19 BC Death of Virgil.
5 BC Birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

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