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Ancient and Middle Ages India: Timeline

2500 BC The first cities were founded in the Indus valley

1500 BC Aryans, (Indo-Europeans) invaded India from the northwest

1200 BC The Vedas, earliest Hindu text, were composed

800 400 BC The Upanishads, Hindu religious texts were composed

500 BC Buddhism was created

326 BC Alexander the Great was forced to retreat before invading India

321 BC The Maurya Empire was founded in Northern India

262 BC Maurya emperor Asoka converted to Buddhism and declares it the state religion

232 BC Asoka died and empire soon dissolves

320 AD Gupta Empire united northern India

350 AD Huns were kept out of India, but the attacks weakened Guptas

1207 Muslim invaders established Sultanate of Delhi

1398 Tartar invaders, under Tamerlane, defeated Muslims, and destroyed Dehli

1498 Portuguese Vasco da Gama sailed around Africa and reached Southwestern India

1526 Babar overpowered Sultan of Delhi and founded a new Muslim dynasty, the Mughals

1556 1605 Akbar, greatest of the Mughals, reigned

1627 1658 Shah Jahan, Mughal emperor, reigned and built Taj Mahal

1640- British established their first base in India, near Madras. Served as headquarters for the East India Company

1757 British and native forces defeated a French/Indian Army under direction of Robert Clive, at Plassey, (June 23)

1800 1805 The British broke up the Mahrattas, major remaining Hindu dynasty

1845 1846 & 1848 1849 Two wars in which the British defeated the Sikhs and took control of northwestern India

1857 Revolt, known as The Indian Mutiny, started the modern independence movement (May 10)

1858 Britain dissolved the East India Company, suspecting mutiny

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