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Fourth Grade
Rise of Islam

1: ABSTRACT: This third module in the series of three that describe the rise and decline of the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire supplied teachers and students with a considerable amount of detail about this important and often neglected piece of European history. The impact on Europe of the "Eastern Roman Empire" or the Byzantine Empire was tremendous in many ways. This module explores some of them.

A. Concept Objectives: students will learn, through viewing and discussing, the political, religious and sociological circumstances that caused the Roman Empire to split in half, and the important role the Byzantine Empire played in protecting the rest of Europe from the barbarians and the Moslem invaders.
C. Skills: students will be able to relate the religious and political social causes that helped create the Byzantine Empire.

III: Background Knowledge
A. For Teachers: Teachers should read the Activity called the Changing Shape of the Empire and clarify the facts in their own minds before introducing the Byzantine Empire to their students
B. For Students: Students must have studied the rise and fall of the Roman Empire modules before beginning the Byzantine Empire Module

IV: Resources:
The following resources are available in the Module.
Educator Professional Development Resources
  • How Islam Won and Lost the Lead in Science

Timeline of the Muslim World
History Interactive Activities:

  • The Changing Shape of the Muslim Empire
    • Makkah
    • TheProphet Muhammad
    • The Caliphs
    • The Umayyads
    • Islam in Spain
    • The Golden Age
    • The Abbasids
    • The Seljuk Turks
    • The Crusades
    • The Mongols and the Mamluks
    • The Ottomans
    • Coming of the West
    • Western Technology Changes the Arab World
  • Mosques of the Islamic World
  • Biography of Muhammad

Map activity
History Interactive Activities:

  • Richard the Lion Heart
  • Saladin
  • Ghengis Khan
  • Charles Martel

Primary Resources Archive

V: Activities/Lessons
A. Activity One: The Changing Shape of the Muslim Empire
1. Objective of Activity: This History Interactive activity provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the rise and spread of the Muslim religion and the creation of an empire that rivaled the Romans.
2. Activity Content: This activity covers the events and people who created the Byzantine Empire and it's eventual destruction.
3. Concept of the Activity: Students will understand what the Byzantine Empire was and its relationship to the Roman Empire.
4. Background Notes: The educator should read the entire activity, including the more information panels before viewing this with students.
5. Procedures: The Changing Shape of the Muslim Empire has thirteen short sections that cover the history of the Muslim world. This activity is chronological and supports the Middle Ages module. To understand the Middle Ages, it is important to cover the actions and impact of the Arab invasions.
6. Materials: A computer and project system, like an LCD projector, is available in your school.

  • This activity requires projection from your computer. Since this runs directly from your NHA intranet system, you should not experience much lag time.
  • Select the activity by clicking on it with your mouse. Click forward and backward by clicking on thearrows. Make sure the audio is turned up on your computer and/or on the television.

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