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Romans feared the gods because they had no scientific explanations for the physical phenomenon around them. They didn't understand why there were hot and dry seasons, why an eclipse happened, why a volcano erupted. These events that modern man understand and can accurately predict were a source of great fear to the Romans. They worshipped gods believing that they could influence these superior beings and controlled events. Unlike in Egypt, the rulers or nobility were never considered gods.

The Roman gods were very similar to the Greek gods. Some people say that they took the Greek gods and just renamed them. Below is a list of some of the Roman gods and goddesses and their Greek counterpart.


Jupiter Zeus
The king of all gods
Juno Hera
Goddess of childbirth and a primary goddess of Rome
Mars Ares
God of war
Venus Aphrodite
Goddess of love and beauty
Cupid Eros
God of love
Bacchus Dionysus
God of the harvest and fertility and the theater
Minerva Athena
Goddess of wisdom, crafts, trades and industry and guided warriors in battle
Mercury Hermes
The messenger
Neptune Poseidon
God of the sea
Diana Artemis
Goddess of the hunt and woodland fertility
Pluto Hades
God of the underworld and death

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