Humans living in California and Mexico.
250,000 B.C.
Beginnings of Agriculture in Near East (10,000 B.C.).
12,000 - 10,000 B.C.
Glaciers retreat, migration of Mastodons & Mammoths.
Domestication of sheep (9,000 B.C.).
City and walls of Jericho built (8,000 B.C.).
First cities in the Tigris and Euphrates valleys appear (5,000 B.C.).
Maize first cultivated in Meso-America (4,000 B.C.).
9,000-3,501 B.C. Paleo-Indians hunt in Michigan.
First cultivation of rice in Asia (3,500 B.C.).
Stonehenge used as a ceremonial center. (3,300 B.C.).
Hieroglyphic Writing and Paper made in Egypt (3,200 B.C.).
3,500 - 3,001 B.C. Old Copper people mine and make copper utensils.
King Menes founded the first dynasty of Egypt
Agrigulture develops in Mexico
3,000 B.C. Old Copper Indians leave Michigan.
The Great Pyramids built in Egypt (2,500 B.C.).
Myceneans arrive In Greece (1,900 B.C.).
First official Olympic games held (776 B.C.).
Birth of Confucius (551 B.C.).
2,500 - 500 B.C. Rise of Hopewell Culture (500 B.C.).
Punic wars between Rome and Carthage.
499-100 B.C. Hopewell Indians in Michigan begin farming, mound and garden building, and trading.
Chinese invent gunpowder.
Colosseum in Rome completed (80).
1-700 A.D. Decline of Hopewell Indians throughout mid-west.
Easter Island statues carved (1000).
Work begins on Notre Dame (1163).
Oxford founded (1170).
Ireland conquered by Henry II of England (1171).
1000 - 1199 A.D. Migration of other Native Americans to Michigan.
Hundred Years' War between France and England begins (1337).
British attempt first North American settlement (1585).
Shakespeare's "Hamlet" published (1600).
1200 - 1600 A.D. Anishinabeg and the Three Fire Indians (1600).
Approximately 100,000 Indians in Great Lakes when French first arrived.

Huron Indians Reach Height of Power (1600).
Mayflower lands at Plymouth (1620).
Champlain starts Quebec city (1608).
The "Night Watch" is painted by Rembrandt (1642).
1601 - 1700 A.D. Brule goes to Lake Superior. First European to see Michigan (1622).
Cadillac and the Founding of Detroit (1630).
Pere Marquette at Sault Ste. Marie(1665).
The Rise of the Fur Trade (1671).
Antoine Cadillac lands at Detroit to start Fort Pontchartrain (1700).
First piano made in Italy (1709).
Smallpox plague kills 14,000 in Paris (1719).
Boston is largest city in British colonies with 12,000 people (1720).
Bering begins to explore Alaska (1728).
Earthquake in Calcutta, India kills 300,000 (1737).
1701 - 1750 A.D. Cadillac sent to govern Louisiana (1710).
Fort Michilimackinac is built at Mackinaw City (1715).
Liberty Bell is hung in Pennsylvania State House (1753).
FrenchIndian War Begins (1754).
British Establish Sovereignty Over India.
U.S. Embargo Act against Britain and France.
U.S. prohibited import of slaves from Africa.
Ben Franklin invents bifocal glasses (1766)
Mason-Dixon line becomes boundary between slave and non-slave owning colonies (1766).
The American Revolutionary War begins (1775).
American Declaration of Independance is signed (1776).
Northwest Ordinance passed by Congress (1788).
Washington D.C. becomes federal capital (1800).
1751 - 1800 A.D. Logging and mills built to work for local use, especially in Detroit, Muskegon and Saginaw.
British take over Detroit from French (1760).
Pontiac's Rebellion (1763).
Proclamation of 1763.
Quebec Act brings first civilian government to Michigan (1774).
Fortifications at Mackinac Island (1779).
Northwest Ordinance (1787).
Troops raise American flag at Detroit. British leave Michigan (1796).
Thomas Jefferson is inaugurated president (1801).
Lousiana Purchase (1803).
Beethoven writes Symphony No. 3 (1803).
Napoleon crowns himself emperor (1804).
Electric telegraph is first demonstrated in Spain (1804).
First typewriter made (1808).
U.S. buys Florida from Spain (1819).
Samuel Morse invents the Morse code (1837).
Photography invented (1839).
Start of Irish potato famine (1845).
Mexican-American war (1846-1848).
California gold rush begins (1849).
1801 - 1850 A.D. Michigan Becomes a Territory (1805).
John Jacob Astor forms the American Fur Co. (1808).
War of 1812 with England.
Cass is made governor of Michigan (1813).
Construction begins on Detroit-Chicago Road (1825).
The Erie Canal (1825).
Pioneer Life in Michigan (1830).
Stevens T. Mason becomes acting governor of Michigan Territory (1831).
First Michigan Anti-Slavery society formed (1832).
The Toledo War (1835).
Stevens T. Mason elected governor (1835).
The Underground Railroad Takes Shape (1836).
Michigan becomes 26th state (1837).
University of Michigan opens in Ann Arbor (1841).
Michigan leads U.S. in copper production (1847).
State has nearly 400,000 residents (1850).
Pony Express begins (1860).
Abe Lincoln elected president (1860).
U.S. Civil War (1861-1865).
Slavery is abolished in the United States (1863).
Henri Dunant founds the Red Cross (1864).
Civil Rights Act makes Black Americans citizens of U.S. (1866).
U.S. has coast-to-coast railroad system. (1869).
Suez Canal opens (1869).
First automobiles built in Germany (1885).
Olympic Games revived in Athens (1896).
Spanish-American War (1898).
1851 - 1900 A.D. Agriculture Play's a Leading Role in Michigan's Economy (1855).
President Lincoln speaks in Kalamazoo (1856).
Michigan Agricultural College opens (1857).
Women Play an Important Role During the Civil War (1861).
The Battle of Gettysburg: Michigan Helps Defend the Union (1865).
Annual cut of Michigan lumber reaches 3 billion board feet (1870).
Silas Overpack introduces "Big Wheel" (1874).
Narrow-gauge railroads used in Michigan logging (1876).
Michigans Resources: Logging (1880).
Great Grand Rapids log jam (1883).
Salt production at Manistee reaches one million pounds a year (1890).
Experiment Produces First Breakfast Cereal (1894).
Panama Canal is opened (1914).
World War I (1914-1918).
The Russian Revolution begins (1917).
Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (1921).
Egypt is declared independent from British and French influence (1922).
1901 - 1925 A.D. Detroit doubles in population (1900-1910).
Immigrants Begin to Shape Michigan's Population (1900).
Automotive IndustryTakes Stage with Introduction of Model T (1908).
Great Migration Gives Opportunities to African-Americans Moving North (1910).
Ford introduces moving assembly line (1913).
Car-ferry service connects Upper and Lower Peninsulas (1924).
Charles Lindbergh flies across Atantic (1927).
Mickey Mouse makes his first appearance (1928).
Wall Street stock market crashes (1929).
Roosevelt begins the New Deal (1933)
Germany invades Poland, starting World War II (1940-1945).
Pearl Harbor bombed by Japan (1941).
Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima to end WWII (1945).
South Africa introduces apartheid (1949).
1926-1950 A.D. Ford makes 20 millionth car (1931).
New Deal introduces CCC and WPA (1933).
Frank Murphy elected governor (1936).
Sit-down strike at Flint GM plant (1936).
Joe Louis wins heavy-weight boxing title (1937).
Trucks, Tanks, and Bombers Made by the Automotive Industry Feed The War Effort (1941).
Rosie the Riveter Makes Up One-Third of Labor Force (1944).
Korean War (1950-1953).
Hawaii becomes 50th state to the U.S. (1959).
Berlin Wall is built (1961).
Russian is first man to orbit in space (1961).
Cuba missle crisis (1962).
President Kennedy assassinated in Dallas, TX (1963).
War in Vietnam (1964-1975).
U.S. sends troops to Vietnam (1965).
Martin Luther King assassinated (1968).
Man walks on moon (1969).
First successful heart transplant is performed in Utah (1982).
The space shuttle Challenger explodes after lift-off (1986).
The Chernobyl nuclear plant in the Ukraine explodes (1986).
East and West Germany are united as one country (1990).
1951 - Present Mackinac Bridge Opens (1957).
Martin Luther King leads 125,000 in Detroit march (1963).
Detroit race riot causes $50 million in damages (1967).
Michigan Container Act: The Bottle Bill (1976).