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3) Who Were the Hopewell?

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Barren-ground caribou, artic-hare, mastodon, mammoth, peccary , musk oxen, giant moose, and giant beaver were the animals present in Michigan at this time. To hunt these animals, early people needed weapons. They used spears with points made from flint and shaped in a very special way.

In the earliest times in Michigan, people used special spear points that were made of flint. Today, archaeologists call this type of flint- a fluted flint. The fluted portion is the place where the flint is attached to the shaft of the spear. Because the flint points made during this time in history were all the same they are easy to identify. Archaeologists put them into a category called flints made by paleo-Indian people.

Over the next several thousand years the climate of Michigan changed. Gradually the state’s climate became what it is today . The first animals of Michigan moved north to find a cooler climate. New animals migrated to the state from areas south of Michigan.

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