Land Suitable for Farming     
    Moderately Good
    Somewhat Poor
Farming generally refers to the production of more than one type of crop. In Michigan, there is a variation of quality of farmland. This map shows five categories of land:

1. Good refers to land that is high in natural fertility, can be easily cultivated, if flat or gently rolling, and can hold water
2. Moderately Good is land that lower fertility, is harder to cultivate, and may be on steeper slopes
3. Somewhat Poor land had a mixture of soils not good for farming, poor drainage, and is hard to cultivate
4. Poor farmland has very low fertility, very rocky and/or on steep slopes
5. Unusable land for Farming is just that, not usable

The quality of soils does not always determine is an area is good for growing crops. In Michigans Upper Peninsula where the growing season is shorter than 145 days, crops are grown but plants generally less productive.