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VI: Timeline of Posthole Events for Michigan History

1600: Pre historic and historic Indian Culture: Anishinabeg, Three Fires Indians

1620: Imperial Glory the Arrival of the French: Etienne Brule and Jean Nicolet

1668: Exploration and Missionary Efforts: Pere Marquette, First European Settlement Sault Ste Marie

Trading and Trading Companies: Trade centers and missions established at St. Ignace and Mackinac

1760 1796: British and French Occupation of Michigan: Proclamation of 1763

1763: French and Indian War: Pontiacs Rebellion

1787: Westward Expansion: The Northwest Ordinance 1787

1834-1835: Expanding the Michigan: Toledo War

: Migration and Statehood: The Erie Canal

1830- 1860: Abolition: The Underground Railroad

1865: Michigan Helps Defend the Union: The Capture of Jefferson Davis

1880: Michigans Resources Lumber and Mining Iron Ore, Copper, and Lumber

1895: Movement of Goods and Raw Materials: Soo Locks and 11, 000 miles of rail network

1890 1930: A Growing Population: Great Migration and Immigration

1916-1921: Effects of Industrialization on the people of Michigan: Federal Road Aid Act (1916) Federal Highway Act (1921)

1918: Social changes and advancements: 1918 Women gain the right to vote in Michigan

1908-1913: Emergence of the Automobile Industry: Model T introduced (1908) and the assembly line (1913)

1933-1942: Depression Unemployment and Reform: Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Work Projects Administration (WPA)

1936-1937: Organizing Labor: The Flint Strike

1941-1945: World War II: The Arsenal of Democracy: Planes, Tanks and Bombs: Willow Run Defense Aviation Factory

1963: Social Movements, Education, Population and Society: Detroit "Walk to Freedom" led by Dr. Martin Luther King 1963

1956-1958: Highways and Bridges Uniting Michigan and the Nation: National Interstate and Defense Highway Act (1956) and the completion of the Mackinac Bridge(1958)

1976: Environmental Concerns in Modern Michigan: Michigan Beverage Container Act Bottle Bill (1976)

Challenges to Automobile Industry: Oil Crisis (1973-1975)

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