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History Themes Project Evaluation for Field Trial
The goal of the History Themes Project is to provide a useful resource to teachers of history that will focus the teaching of history on a manageable set of posthole events taught within the framework of six historical themes. Our aim is to provide a document that teachers and curriculum coordinators will use to guide the development of their history lessons for the classroom in a way that is aligned with the social studies content standards and MEAP tests.

The purpose of this field trial is to determine if we have accomplished our goal. After you have reviewed the History Themes sections, please take the time to respond to the survey questions below. Your comments will provide useful information for improving this document.
If you are referring to a specific theme or posthole, please include its name. THANK YOU!

Please provide your ZIP code:


1. Does the introductory section clearly define and explain the purpose and intent of the document?
Yes No, and here's why not:

2. Did the Frequently Asked Questions section answer all of your questions?
Yes No, and here's why not:

3. How likely are you to use this document to guide the development of lessons for your students?
1 = Very likely 2 = Likely 3 = so so 4 = Not likely 5 = Not at all

4. What could we do to make it more likely that you will use it?


5. Do the theme explanation paragraphs give you a clear understanding of each of the themes?
Yes No, and here's how to improve their clarity:

6. Do you see a clear connection between the Michigan Curriculum Framework benchmarks for Social Studies and the themes with which they are associated?
Yes No, and here's why not:


7. Does the descriptions of the "Posthole events" give you enough information?
Yes No, and here's why not:

8. Are these postholes something you typically teach about in your history lessons?
Yes No, and here's why not:

Please press the Submit Evaluation button when you are finished:

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